The Most Beautiful Chopsticks

One day, a couple and their little boy were going to watch a concert. In the concert, one of the international, top pianists in the world will perform—together with an entire (=seluruh) orchestra. The concert was about to begin, so the husband and wife were walking quickly to their seats. When they turned left, they didn’t know that their little boy went straight.

Straight to the stage.

And there he saw a beautiful great grand piano. He’s never seen anything like it before. In their house was an old, upright piano. He slipped passed the curtain, sat on the bench (=bangku), and was taken aback by the gleaming, white ivory keys (=kagum akan kilauan tuts piano berwarna putih gading). He didn’t notice that the curtain was pulled away. He didn’t know that the audience was now watching him. Except for the horrified (=ketakutan) parents, everyone thought this was part of the concert.

The boy placed his little hands on the keys and began to play chopsticks (=permainan piano yang sangat sederhana, red)—to the delight of the crowd. And that was when the boy felt two arms around him—a hand on the left and hand on the right. It was the world-renowned (=termasyur tingkat dunia) Master Pianist. He stood behind the boy and began to play with the boy a Beethoven symphony adjusted to the Chopsticks melody.

And upon the Master’s cue (=isyarat), the entire 101-piece orchestra—complete with violins and horns, began to play along (=bermain bersama). The parents of the boys had tears in their eyes, watching their little boy perform with the Orchestra. It was the most beautiful rendition (=cara membawakan) of Chopsticks the world has ever heard.

What made the difference? The Master stepped in.

Work With What You Have

Even if you only know Chopsticks, play it anyway. Work with what you have. Work with the talents that you have. Work with the money that you have. Work with the circumstances that you have. Be the best that you can be. Because the Master stands behind you, his arms around you, creating a miracle in you. (


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